Unlocking the Potential of the Cloud Without the Commitment and Complexity

By Vince Auletta Director, Media Solutions, SwiftStack

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Storing your data in an on-prem object storage system that has the same underlying architecture and speaks the same language as the cloud allows you to unlock the benefits of both private and public worlds.

The growth and popularity of public cloud offerings from tech giants Amazon, Google, and Microsoft has put “the cloud” at the forefront of most technology decisions and that trend only seems to be increasing in 2019. We all know the public cloud providers would love for everyone to “lift and shift” the entirety of their infrastructure to the cloud without giving it a second thought, but there are often technological, operational, and/or fiscal considerations that prevent organizations from committing to such a strategy. Within the Media & Entertainment — and specifically, sports video — industry, cloud adoption discussions tend to focus on real-time performance, workflow suitability, and, of course, cost. Some organizations conclude that the cloud is too expensive or too slow to fit their needs, while others opt to leverage a “hybridcloud” approach in which relevant cloud services are (hopefully seamlessly) blended with on-premises systems and workflows. The most forward-thinking organizations are evolving “hybridcloud” into “multi-cloud” in order to avoid lock-in and singlepoint-of-failure concerns that arise from utilizing a single public cloud vendor.