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Splunk SmartStore and SwiftStack

Expand Splunk usage. Keep Splunk data longer. Don't break the IT Budget. 

As Splunk data volumes explode, an enhanced architecture is required to operate Splunk Enterprise at scale. This is where Splunk’s SmartStore feature comes into play. And, SwiftStack provides the storage that optimizes the use of SmartStore.

Click a date on the calendar to the right to meet with one of SwiftStack’s experts on Splunk SmartStore to discuss these topics:

  • How does SmartStore manage data flows within Splunk Enterprise?
  • How does SmartStore integrate with my current Splunk environment?
  • How do I size compute and storage resources for a SmartStore architecture?
  • How do searches perform against SmartStore-enabled indexes?
  • How can SmartStore keep Splunk data available in failure scenarios?

Additionally, based on your organization’s data ingest rate and data retention period, SwiftStack can provide a custom Cost Savings Analysis for your Splunk Enterprise infrastructure. These savings can range from 60% to 75%.


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