NVIDIA GTC: SwiftStack for Distributed, at Scale AI & ML Data Pipelines

GTC NVIDIA is quickly approaching, and we would like to connect with you in San Jose to talk about SwiftStack, providing a customer-proven Multi-Cloud  Management Solution for Distributed, Large-scale artificial intelligence/machine learning data pipelines.

Shailesh Manjrekar, SwiftStack Head of Product and AI/ML Solutions Marketing, will show you how SwiftStack delivers massive storage parallelism and throughput, needed for ingest, training and inferencing; a scale-out global namespace for access to data whether on-premise or in one or more clouds; data services such as tagging, search, and metadata management to support AI/ML workflows; and Kubernetes and TensorFlow support. 

Most critically the solution supports AI/ML data pipelines that span the edge, to core data centers, and extend to public cloud, to take advantage of cloud bursting, economies of scale, while data is secured on-premises.

The goal of this brief exchange is to discuss recent successes and to continue to help AI/ML organizations innovate by understanding their needs, so we are eager to hear your ideas and feedback.

We are here to help, contact us with any questions: info@swiftstack.com