Using two SDS technologies together: SwiftStack & SoftNAS


No one technology does everything, and among software-defined storage solutions on standard hardware, there are opportunities to blend technologies to best fit the range of applications supported by storage. SwiftStack supports NAS interfaces for many workloads, where other workloads require strong consistency and a fuller set of NAS features.

In this webinar, guest expert Ray Stamps from SoftNAS joins SwiftStack to talk about the SoftNAS Cloud as an example of an SDS technology that can be deployed with SwiftStack for:

  • Rich NAS Data Protection including deduplication, compression, storage snapshots, writable clones, etc.
  • File Services Across Public and Private Cloud storage
  • Support for applications that require rich NAS services that do not yet support object storage natively

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Event Details:

  • webcast recorded on

    Tuesday | February 16, 2016

  • Presenters

    Ray Stamps | Senior Solutions Architect | SoftNAS
    Mario Blandini | Chief Evangelist | SwiftStack, Inc.

  • Location

    Wherever you want, it’s web-based!