Using Object Storage for Backup, DR, Archiving by SSG-NOW


In many organizations, backup data accounts for more than 50% of all stored data. Although this does not translate into 50% of storage equipment, this much stored data costs money and significant resources to maintain. Given fast-growing rates of data growth, and since corporations are famously reluctant to delete large amounts of data, this percentage is only going to grow in environments using traditional methods of data protection. This amount of data growth plus flat IT budgets is causing storage architects and backup admins to rethink their data protection strategies.

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  • The Changing Backup Landscape

    Disk vs. tape performance is the largest single factor changing the nature of the data protection marketplace

  • How disk-based backup plus object storage can help

    This private cloud architecture not only protects backed up and archived data, it enables swift and granular recovery, active archives and stored data protection that is second to none

  • Eventual Consistency and Erasure Codes

    Flexible protection features include eventually consistent replicas and erasure codes, which are conceptually similar to assigning different data protection schemes to different storage tiers