Using Cloud As The Right Place For The Right Data


Objectively, the biggest competitor to any new technology is not the classic technology it compares to, but the habits that customers keep in using the classic stuff where it is no longer optimal. Data also has a useful life, and when it comes to cloud, storing infrequently accessed data is a great workload for cloud storage. Hot workloads are getting hotter, and cold data must be warmly accessible for analytics, driving the need for a lower cost capacity-optimized tier to complement Tier 1 flash storage.

In this webinar, guest expert Mark Cree, CEO of infinite io, joins SwiftStack to talk about how their technology as an example can be deployed with SwiftStack for:

  • Migration of cold data from existing SAN / NAS to accessible cloud object storage
  • Creating an active archive that is warmly accessible compared to classic archive
  • Tiered storage in the cloud that appears to applications as primary storage

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Event Details:

  • Webcast Recorded On

    Tuesday | March 8, 2016

  • Presenters

    Mark Cree | CEO | infinite io, Inc.
    Mario Blandini | Chief Evangelist | SwiftStack, Inc.

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    Wherever you want, it’s web-based!