Like an OpenStack public cloud, but behind your firewall


The pressure is on IT organizations of all sizes to deliver consumption of their services that match how their customers know it works in the public cloud. SwiftStack gives you the storage, and when used with Metacloud from Cisco, IT can have everything they need to deliver on those customer expectations. Metapod is a production-ready, OpenStack-based, on-premises solution that Cisco engineers, deploys, and remotely operates 24x7x365 on your behalf.

In this webcast, Metacloud Technical Product Manager Jeremy Hopkins of Cisco Systems analyzes the latest private cloud options available to organizations, and how the right technologies can deliver the benefits of cloud to organizations that also require full custody and control on-premises.

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  • Webcast Recorded On

    Tuesday | May 10, 2016

  • Presenters

    Jeremy Hopkins | Metacloud Technical Product Manager | Cisco Systems
    Mario Blandini | Chief Evangelist | SwiftStack, Inc.

  • Location

    Wherever you want, it’s web-based!