Introducing SwiftStack 4.0


SwiftStack 4.0 has arrived! In this webcast, Joe Arnold and Mario Blandini discuss all the new features of version 4.0 and tell you about SwiftStack’s plans for the remainder of 2016.

New SwiftStack 4.0 innovations that were introduced include:

  • Enhanced integrated load balancing reduces the need for expensive dedicated network hardware and minimizes latency and bandwidth costs while scaling to larger numbers of nodes
  • Metadata search increases business value by integrating with third-party indexing and search services to make stored object data analytics-ready
  • SwiftStack Drive is an optional desktop client that enables access to cluster data directly from desktops or laptops
  • Enhanced management with new IPv6 support, capacity planning and advanced data migration tools

Event Details:

  • Webcast recorded on

    Thursday | April 28, 2016

  • Presenters

    Joe Arnold | Founder & CPO | SwiftStack, Inc.
    Mario Blandini | Chief Evangelist | SwiftStack, Inc.

  • Location

    Wherever you want, it’s web-based!