Models for the New Era of Data Storage: Eventual and Strong Consistency


Given the fact that just about everything is now online and expected to be available 24x7, high availability is by far the most important requirement companies have for their storage systems. This, along with high performance, scalability, and price pressure are all driving IT to look at cloud delivery models in order to satisfy data storage volume expectations.

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  • Rapid Growth of Unstructured Data

    In this new world of IT, fast growing unstructured data environments demand scalability because huge amounts of unstructured data must be stored cost-effectively

  • Eventual Consistency Compared with Strong Consistency

    Understanding the differences in consistency approaches can help to decide on which model may work best for your workloads

  • The Move to the Cloud Delivery Models: A New Era in Data Storage

    In order to deliver both consistency and availability, SwiftStack is using an eventually consistent model to meet data growth requirements at scale